Saturday, July 18, 2015

U Victorious

Our girl is off to university in a few weeks.

She has never been to the university and you can imagine that could create some stress!

So we decided to settle both our hearts and go to university for a day and night.

We took the ferry from Tsawassen just 25 Minutes from our house to Schwartz Bay on Vancouver Island (90 minute ride) and then drove 30 minutes to the University of Victoria. (This is to say she isn't going to the ends of the earth even if I make it sound like that occasionally)

Lindsay got her housing assignment this week but when I called the university they said that that building was closed for the summer. Never one to be deterred by bureaucracy we headed over to the building anyway.  We took a few photos and tried the doors. Locked. Just as my faith was fading a Janitor showed up for the adjacent building and asked if we needed anything. I told him our story and he not only opened  the building but took us up to the fourth floor (no elevator we noted) and opened Lindsay's room.  How lucky!!

Pretty sure axe murderers get more space
And how very important to get that reality check!  That is a verrry small space to live in especially for a messy girl!! It really helped us focus on how to set her up with what she needs . 

Then we walked campus, a beautiful treed campus, and visited every building she will be in and even most of her classrooms .  We checked out the library and various cafes and acquired some "Vikers" swag and good info on books in the bookstore! And another reality check on the cost of said books! 

It is a very accessible, well laid out campus with deer wandering about with their fawns... She is immensely privileged to be going there to study! 

We explored the neighborhoods closest to campus including this beautiful bay and beach just a few blocks away. 

We did a little dorm room shopping while it was all fresh in our minds. It was lots of fun! 

We checked in to our dorm for the night both feeling very relieved we can afford for her to have a single room!! Yikes those are close quarters for strangers to share!!

We headed into Victoria for dinner on a very busy night in this tourist destination! By happy accident we landed at "10 Acres"... An organic, local, farm to table restaurant I had heard about. There was one table for two left! 

We had a truly sublime meal with great service and a lovely sunset stroll with one million tourists. 

Our Provincial Legislature

A decent sleep and a barely decent cafeteria breakfast and we are headed home on a very full ferry!

It was the exactly the right thing to go and see and walk and talk. I think we both feel more confident and more settled although I continue to bat down the tears frequently when it all seems like such a big change! 

Bye UVic... See you in 40 days!


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