Thursday, July 2, 2015


We signed up for 14 weeks of random veggies - its a cool program you can read about it HERE.

It is delightful to go to the farm and meet the farmer and pick up the allotted vegetables that were ready to harvest that week.

One does feel a little foolish when one has to ask "And what IS that?"

A little more so when one has to ask it more than once.

But, brave souls that we are, home we go with a full bag of semi-known veggies.

it's all very well to wander away from the farm stall feeling all earthy and organic and wholesome.

It is less lovely if by next Wednesday all there is is science experiments in the veggie drawer.

From past experience we know it is important to wash, bag, store the veggies appropriately immediately - these veggies are fresh from the ground with no "benefit" of a bath in preservatives so they are best eaten quickly or stored properly.  In the current heat wave this is no small feat.  

Already tonight we have put the fresh mint leaves to bed between moistened paper towel in an open plastic bag - the whole house smells minty!  Most veggies are easily used or dispatched safely for future use.

But every now and then one comes against a veggie that seems daunting.

And tonight I was faced with this.

10 points to you if you knew what it was. I did not.  

It is a kohlrabi.

Thanks to google I found a few ways to prepare it.

I chose to fry it in butter. Duh.

It is not small thing to peel this sucker but once it was smooth I grated it, added an egg and 2 tablespoons of flour and added spoonfuls of it to some butter in a hot frying pan.  

In a word..... DELISH!  A mild broccoli-ish flavour, subtle but crispy and chewy at the same time.

We ate 10.  Between us. (you know the boys are away right?)

Kohlrabi konquered!

We are so awash in swiss chard here in our home veggie garden that we skipped it at the farm stall today but Allan did make this fantastic swiss chard and ricotta and feta tart last week that lasted 5 minutes in our house.

And Lindsay is planning a turnip/bacon bake with the baby turnips we got today! 

It would appear people we use vegetables as a conduit for fat and least we aren't eating the bacon and cheese and butter on their own right?  Do you know how many amazing things are in a kholrabi anyway?  I am sure a little butter didn't diminish the Vitamin B at all.

Hang in there folks - we are off on a 14 week veggie adventure.  

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