Friday, July 10, 2015

Oh boy

It's been a hectic week or so around these parts. 

Mostly good hectic but I will be relieved when the first ever SRCC Family Fun Day is over tomorrow! In our annual parent survey the parents told us they wanted more social events, especially across the whole Society, so tomorrow the PAC and I have a fun few hours planned for our 230 families. 

As much as we need the rain most desperately I have to say I am petitioning for a dry spell for a few hours in the morning!

But no matter how busy I am, how many issues arose in this week, how my head hurts from trying to figure out RESP's and all things University ... The veggies keep on growing!

It was my pleasure to head over to the farm for this weeks harvest yesterday! I'll admit I was feeling pretty confident that we are on a good roll with using the vegetables... Obscure ones included!  

But whoa yesterday was quite the haul! And I was picking up for a friend so I was laden by the end! 

And on the obscurity scale this was only a 3. I only had to ask one question and I sort of knew it was mustard greens but the young farming intern called it Mizuna which is a much more lovely name... But it is still mustard greens!

We did get sweet young turnips but those are a pretty easily figured out veg once you stop searching sweet turnips and reading recipes that involve turnips and marshmallows.., EW!

As you can see the beets are back... You remember me and the beets LAST year right? I was feeling benevolent towards all the veggies last night so they came home with me. I hope I don't regret that.

We added the farm red lettuce to our home grown green lettuce, Mizuna, yellow zucchini, raw kohlrabi, fresh farm peas and ate a salad that was all growing this morning!! How wonderful!

And last weeks mint fated great in its little paper towel bed and added to our Mojitos tonight!

And after a couple hours of processing some very fine sockeye we procured locally we have the freshest, localist meal we've had in a while!

Happy weekend folks.. Here's to smoke free blue skies and a needed rain shower or two after noon tomorrow.


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