Sunday, March 16, 2014

So......... How's it going?

I just sat down and thought "Hello....I have an hour to myself"

And then I remembered the dog was outside so I let him in and made him sit up and lie down 5 consecutive times on his towel by the door.  It's not for obedience training.  Its to get the mud off his paws......very effective.

Then I poured a cup of lukewarm coffee leftover from brunch because I need that 4th cup today.....

So here I am.....with 55 minutes to myself.

I have had a challenging week. Some weeks just are.

Mine had mostly to do with the fact that I am complete wimp about single parenting.

Single parenting teenagers.  who were particularly teenage-ish this week.  and vomitty.

Single parenting the dog.

And working full time.  which this week included receiving over $10,000 in new equipment in about 800 pieces.

Among other things.

My favourite of which was, when doing a site visit at our new project "Cranberry Children's Centre" in Hamilton, I inquired of the 12 year old engineer in charge as to what they were doing about the ceiling.  "Ceiling?" he queried.  I nodded.  He looked at the other engineer who is maybe 14 years old..... he got on his phone.  A few minutes later they confidently informed me there would be a ceiling.  "Great" I said....."I figured that much out but how are you dealing with these pipes and ducts, they seem quite low.....will the sprinkler heads make it through the dropped ceiling?".  "Good question" they agreed.  Indeed.  They are "looking in to it". Awesome.

Also the single parenting thing not helped when the other parent disappears into the jungle, his phone dies and for 48 hours I assured myself every hour that he surely could not be dead or the school would have called.  Then he finally called and the phone died after 1 minute before I could ask if his hostage takers were treating him well.  Of course he is fine, tired, hot..... its been challenging in many ways and he is ready to come home.

Allan has been on several school trips before and fishing trips and other trips but this has been the hardest (except maybe the time that Lindsay got the worst case of chicken pox ever recorded in medical science the day he left for South Africa 12 years ago....that was fun).

I am not sure why exactly but the dog (bless his big brown eyes and selective hearing) is certainly part of the equation.

He is a lot of work.

When he is at school with Allan he works hard mentally and gets plenty of physical exercise and affection (aka being mobbed by Grade 8's) so despite me taking him to the dyke and back in the dark every morning and one of the kids letting him out at lunch time, he has had a bit too much crate time as evidenced by him rolling around on his back chewing on his paw for kicks.

I actually went and bought him a new toy yesterday to try and break the boredom (and save his paws)......the work...and he needs his dad home.

He may need therapy

The teenagers have also been a challenge in their own way.  Sweet most of the time but slightly more self absorbed than usual and therefore less helpful generally.  Also report cards came and the less said about those the better. Some rules are being understood as optional and resulted in a confiscated cell phone.  They are tired and ready for Spring Break and I hope they rest for next term ain't nobody gonna be restin' until the not-so-optional-homework is done every doggone day!  The Steveston Hwy Sheriff is movin' in..... or something.....

I finished teaching on Wednesday and what a lovely moment that was.  The students were so sweet and kind with lovely words and gifts.  And two assignments for me to mark.

But no marking was done.

Because when tired and stressed I do not stop, sit down and mark quietly for 6 hours.


I gut the house.

I Spring Cleaned.  Everything.

I reorganised, redid, redecorated..... When Allan gets back on wifi those 3 words will leave him trembling and sweaty.  Yes. It included shopping, disposing, recycling.....

And it looks great!  Relax Honey!

Add to that some bidding wars to attend to, children to drive around in the pouring rain, the dog......., cooking, grocery shopping (at Costco. On a Sunday)....... there you have where the other 47 hours of my weekend went!

Ok, ok, I did also have a great dinner with a great friend  on Friday which was lovely indeed.
And last night I read a book of Pablo Neruda odes before going to sleep.
And I had a glass or two of wine.

I am counting down the return of my beloved (1 am airport pick up Ai Ya) on Thursday and so very much looking forward to a quick weekend getaway to Whidbey Island in Washington before I head north to Edmonton to crash at Chez Hofs for a few days and play with my P's.

Yay - I can't wait.

They don't have a dog.

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