Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Between the comings and goings.......

Between the comings and goings at every airport there are stories.

Many stories.

Not all of them happy or easy or simple.

Do you know what happens to someone at Vancouver Airport (YVR) if they arrive with no money, no job no place to stay?

To migrant workers who arrive and no one turns up to meet them and take them to a promised job?

To people told they will soon be deported?

To people who are confused, lost, scared, bereaved, anxious about flying?

I found out today that there is a small corner of YVR...... across from the Tim Hortons in the International Arrivals Hall........This is where those people often end up.

As well as those in need of comfort, a person to talks to, a quiet place to think, cry, sleep and pray.

Passengers and Airport Workers.

Every creed, every religion, every human who needs them.

The Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy (check out their website which is currently being updated HERE ) runs an inter-faith centre for anyone who wants or needs it.  They reach out to airport workers, volunteers and travelers.

I learned all this today on a tour of the Chapel with other folks from my church St.John Richmond.  Our congregation is reaching out and connecting with the community this Spring Break (more info HERE) and I signed up for this tour and I am so glad I did.

I find it comforting to know there is caring out there for the hurt, sad, lonely, confused, desperate.  I was compelled by the stories of Muslim folks who come by daily to pray, Catholics who have mass there once a week, Christians praying together, all  in the same space...... a space that sometimes families sleep in overnight when they have no other place to go after landing and before being connected to services in the community.
As small space in a very busy place that is set aside to care.

A crucial connecting place for so many.

A comforting oasis for workers.

I was inspired and humbled.

If you ever want to drop by you will get a cheery welcome.  They could also use resources and volunteers if your heart leads you there.  There is also an amazing  thrift store of airport treasures close to the airport that supports the work - I can't wait to give it a closer look!

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  1. Nicky: Fantastic insights and superb writing! You caught the essence of the YVR Chapel and its mission. YVR is a far more dynamic place than we often think.