Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One day

It is just plain silly to put so much store in one day.

Whether that one day is today, tomorrow or some distance in the future.

Just one day will not suffice.

Will not satisfy what you cannot find everyday.

Or many days.

Even some days.

To plan one day to rest, rejuvenate, reconnect is only to admit that that is not happening everyday.

At least, not often enough.

So I do not walk away from that one day, that did not meet my hopes and expectations, with regret or disappointment but rather with gratitude for the gift of remembering not to put off to some distant future day what I need and want in this day.

To not believe the lie that what I need is away..... when it is here.

To hold on to the fact that what matters is not "out there" but "in here".....in my heart.

To know that I will not have failed if I have not delivered amazing family memories this time because I love my family always and that will matter more in the end.

To have the faith to believe deeply that I have what I need. Now. Here.

Have a beautiful Tuesday my friends.

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