Friday, February 21, 2014


Did you know some weeks are heavier than others?

True story.

This one was weighty for me.

The loss of a family member, the grief of a friend at her sisters shocking death........ tough stuff.  

I have felt grateful on many occasions over the last weeks for moments from our trip to South Africa but was especially glad this week to have the recent memory of a lovely conversation with Sheila Byres (Allan's Aunt) and her daughter Andrea and for our kids to have met her before her sudden death this week.  

It's always hard to be so far away from family when they are sad or hurt but I am thankful we were just there.

It served as a reminder to me that every day is a gift.

There have been a number of other "issues" this week that I won't bore you with but they have weighed me down.  

I let some of those issues kick my butt.... silly me.

Which seems a contradiction to my sentence about every day being a gift doesn't it?  

Well I guess some gifts are just less lovely than others.....but I need to remember that I still get to live it, here, healthy, safe, well fed.....there is still coffee and chocolate.....

Ok this soapbox is sounding a bit much even for my own ears today.

Enjoy the day friends...... Hug your family.

A little more motivational schmaltz courtesy of Google images.......there is truth...... even in schmaltz.....

Guess my skills improved this week  lol

Oh and........ Go Canada Go !

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