Monday, February 10, 2014

Down memory lane

I have spent way to much time this weekend down memory lane.

That is what happens when one decides to empty out "that" closet.

Let's be nice and call it the "catch all" closet..... the one you gingerly open and hope like mad that one more thing can be stuffed in it without everything else falling out.
Half dismantled
Please tell me you have a closet like this?

Ours is at the end of the upstairs hallway and I often bless the lady who designed and had this house built - she put a closet in every possible spot......but really it just creates more places for clutter.

When we moved in to this house almost 10 years ago I did not bless the aforementioned lady for the fuzzy palm tree wall paper and the hideous grey shag carpets.  We had to do a pretty quick renovation just to live here so the one thing I did was store all the framed photos and much of the framed art...... just for a while......

Hmmmmm .....funny how I found them all in the closet on Saturday.

As well as boxes of photos never framed or scrap booked - long before digital was a thing.

In fact I found boxes that came with us from South own birth announcement and cards my parents received, our engagement announcement, wedding photos, photos of trips taken as a child and with Allan when we were newly wed....... Allan's bagpipes.......

So of course the actual closet clean out stalled as I was sucked back in time........ way back.

It is sobering, fun, sad and happy to see ones life so laid out in snippets......the babies that are now teens, the skinny, curly haired me, the big hair phase, the beach holidays, family now missing, old pets.....old homes..... so many emotions.... so many memories.
Guess who?

And due to other more exciting activities like furniture shopping and wine and cooking and baking and coffee dates and watching movies (me again!) and photography and poutine ....

Cheese muffins for soccer victors!

Lindsay made steamed pork buns and dan dan noodles and Allan made sechuan green beans

Joyful moment

My version of Jamie Olivers "Golden Chicken"

His version - meh right?
Also it did not take 15 minutes - more like 45 but good anyway
The closet remains in disarray....even though at least 3 boxes made it to the dumpster......many frames are now emptied and if I could find a moment to finish editing the photos from our trip I could fill them up again and actually hang them.......seeing as I took down the SA trip wall...... sigh.

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  1. These cleanu-ps can so easily turn into walks down memory lane, sad, happy, nostalgic. I've just "inherited" 5 boxes of family photographs from my mother (as I'm the photographer of the family) - all mixed in together. Wish I had a closet!