Friday, February 7, 2014


Have you ever met someone who doesn't love Friday?

I am particularly happy about this one.

Yesterday I was driving down the street and I saw a guy standing at a bus stop have a huge yawn..... head back, mouth open wide, eyes closed.......I smiled but in my head I was saying "I hear ya brother, I hear ya!".

My last post on the my one little word "Joy" was barely published  when I was in the car heading to pick up the kids from youth camp and taking a little detour through a Starbucks drive through.  A women in a Mercedes SUV was in the lane in front of me....standing outside her car.... leaning on the drive through window.  

I did some eye rolling..... the whole point, lady, is to stay in your car especially in sub zero weather but whatevs.....

As I drove up to get my order the Starbucks lady tells me my order has been paid for.


The Mercedes lady had won a $55 starbucks card and wanted to share.  She was, of course, gone by this time but how lovely and kind.

I retracted my eye rolling.

And then I decided to pay for the guy behind me.

I like to think we started a little chain of joy...... I wish I knew how long it had lasted.

And pretty much since then the week has been a joy squelching wreck on almost every front.  

I am really expecting a bird to poop on my head today to round off the week.

But here is the thing! 

It is Friday, happy, smiley Friday...... just typing it makes me happy. Especially so as Monday is a holiday.

I hope your week didn't kick butt like mine but if it did.... embrace Friday.

And if that doesn't make you smile maybe this will....

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