Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

I have spent much of the weekend alone or quietly - very odd......

Friday night Lindsay got a late babysit gig and the boys were setting up for the Robotics tournament..... I ran some errands, supplied RoboVolunteers with some pop to go with their pizza, dropped Lindsay and then came home to a quiet house...... 

I made some soup and toast - managed to figure out which of the 3 remotes would make the TV come to life and then managed to make Netflix work with minimal cursing.... I can now work at the Genius Bar!!  I watched a couple of episodes of Portlandia and concluded I was clearly too old and too uncool to find it amusing or interesting and switched to watch 3 episodes of Heartland which is all I will ever see of it as this was the first time I have watched TV in a year.......but it was interesting..... Spanner and I were pretty chilled out.

Everyone came home and after David and my very late night at the hospital we were lights out and sleeping by 10pm.

The Roboteers were up at 6am and out of the door at 6:45am - Allan as the venue host  and Chief Roboman at his school, David with his team (that had a tough day on the court but learned a lot) and Lindsay as the Queen of queuing - she commands a crew who manage to get 60 teams to one of four courts for each of their games - its an epic job and she is incredible at it.....But it was a super long day for them all on their feet.

I worked out - we had a Jazzercise class in support of Movember which was all cardio, all male artists singing and a lot of fun.  Free Starbucks and a cookie after class too - awesome!  And just to prove what a brave person I am I am posting a photo of me, barely awake, with a mustache on...... do not abuse this moment!!

I drove home on my favourite route but tried taking some different shots than usual on an unusually sunny but chilly morning.....without getting out of my warm car..... dedicated iPhotographer I am!!!

I ran some errands - mainly groceries and some Christmas gifts and food-other-than-pizza for a tired but hungry Allan.... I popped into the robotics competition to drop off provisions, cheer on the kids, say hi to folks and then home to prepare Allan's fishing lunch for today.

I spent a couple hours going through the trip day by day and printing off all the confirmations and contact info and looking at all the restaurant suggestions friends have offered......exciting and a little daunting at times.

I was laid low by a migraine for a bit so Spanner and I snoozed for 45 mins but then I got up gutted the bathroom cabinets and redid the towel closet before making David and Lindsay a nice, wholesome meal....we are on an "eat down" here as we try to eat what we have in the fridge and freezer before we leave so nothing is wasted or we are getting progressively more creative as the days go on....tonight they had couscous with veggies and salmon.

Allan and I had a "casual" dinner with Em and Fil........ so fantastic to have friends you can just chill with, eat great food they make (like seriously great food) and chat over a glass or two of wine.....just what Allan and I needed.

This morning arrived early.....or it felt like it!!  Allan off to fish - clearly I was mistaken about the fishing season ending..... David was too exhausted and he and his poor sore wrist stayed in bed and slept solidly until after noon.  Lindsay and I went to church and during youth I came home, walked SuperSpanner, raked the leaves and barely made it to the gas station for gas before getting Lindsay.....I used to never let my car get down to less than a 1/4 tank but the last two times I have driven with the empty warning light on for.... a while.....getting reckless in my old age I am!!

Still loving the pano feature on the i5S - just not the lack of battery life... oh well

We had bacon sandwiches for lunch after a mild panic attack when the bacon was hiding in the freezer....we may end up eating freezer burned pork chops or well aged duck breast but we will NOT run out of bacon. 
Or coffee.  I have my limits.

The kids did chores and homework (which they think are the same thing) and I got my teaching course outline in to the College......its always at that moment I think "why am I doing this?"  and then I remember we have to pay for all the travel we do so love to do...... Did you know Allan is off to Costa Rica on a school trip in March and David is off to France next Fall...... so as I hit send on my course outline I tried to feel grateful for the work and not worry, for now, about how much work it will be in January!

My parents have made their award winning Spag Bol and we are off to have a nice quiet family dinner to end what passes for a quiet weekend around here these days!

Have a great week friends - and Ben B.......that means you take it easy.....OK!!

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