Sunday, November 24, 2013

My brown eyed girl

I was shopping with Lindsay today for a dress for the Winter Formal which happens days after we arrive home from South Africa (home......I said "home"...... ) and we knew shopping while jet-lagged and under pressure would be somewhat less fun than shopping under moderately well rested pressure 9 days before we leave!!!!!.

So off we went....... and while the boys waited at Starbucks having accomplished their shopping mission in under 15 minutes...... Lindsay and I were in search of the perfect little black dress......

She tried on many.

Most she looked amazing in...... some we knew her Father would never let her out of the house in.....some had bigger price tags than others (and I love her for caring about that although as her Mom I want her to know I have that side of things under control)......some were too plain and some had too much bling.......some made us roll our eyes and other made us laugh!

But every time she stepped out of the dressing room 
my heart broke a little.

My beautiful, brown eyed baby girl is emerging into a beautiful brown eyed woman.....right there before my eyes......and already I miss her.....I miss that little girl that thought her Mom was the greatest person in the world.....who said she would never leave me.... would live with me forever and always kiss me "even when I am 16 Mama".....which she is and she still does kiss me and hug me lots......but as I looked at her in those dresses today I knew that for certain, very soon, someone else is going to grab centre stage on her heart.

And that is as it should be.

I hope they see past the beautiful big brown eyes and long brown hair and curves and SEE her .

See her big heart, her wicked smart brain, her care for others, her fierce loyalty, her firm boundaries, her drive and determination and her wonderful and witty, smart sense of humour.

I couldn't love her more proud of the way she is navigating her life, the good and the tough....the way she lives her faith, stays true to who she is....stands up for those with less, who struggle....

I might just be willing to share her with someone who loves her as fiercely and completely as I do.

Just not quite yet......I need her to be mine for a little bit longer.....

My beautiful girl - put your hand in mine and lets have this adventure, and a few more, together ok?

I love you to the moon and back.



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