Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been another busy weekend around these parts!  I won't bore you with the narrative........


1 new iPhone 5s
1 2 3 tries to get it all working as it should but no help needed!
25 photos taken with above phone - LOVE the pano feature (see below)
5 stars for old ladies and technology!
90 pieces of candy bought at 50% off
12 boisterous and cheerful teenagers in my house
4 pizza's
1 petrified puppy
5 trick or treaters
85 pieces of candy left :(


1 case of food poisoning (me)
4 hours at my desk
260 namebadges ready
1 2 hour nap -  trying to get back on my feet
0 cups of coffee (now you know just how sick I was feeling!)
1 trip to YVR to drop my Dad off for his flight to Kenya - next time here it will be us leaving!!!
10 minute power outage
1 early night


6am wake up
6:40am on site at conference
260 delegates

120 clueless questions
118 gracious responses to the above
2 less than gracious responses......there is only so much I can take.
2 cups of coffee (beginning to feel human again)
2 amazing kids who volunteered all day
1 amazing husband who went above and beyond to help out
Many friends and colleagues and students - fun to see them all and great to see them enjoy the day
50mm of rain in 8 hours
20 kmph winds
50 million leaves on the my yard.....
2 fantastic friends who we kicked back with and relaxed over a lovely dinner - We heart you!
1 extra hour of sleep - Hallelujah for return to standard time!


1 great church service
2 for breakfast at the American Grille - a great catch up with my hubby
1 extra camera battery purchased for the DSLR
1 decision made on the perfect camera/other backpack for travel - Woot - this felt so good to finally decide!
2 hours of homework x 2 teenagers
1 walk for a dog in the sunshine
1 early sunset #downsideofstandardtime

3 pairs of flip flops from the flip flop shop - an early Christmas present from my parents - FUN!  Allan had no luck!

5 for dinner at Peaceful Restaurant  - Hello Beef's been too long.
Unlimited - my love for Dan Dan noodles
1st red cup of the season at Starbucks
5 Christmas carols sung by Allan and I while Lindsay blocked her ears
3 loads of laundry
1 bag of groceries

1 busy, happy weekend

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