Thursday, August 8, 2013

You will love Lucy

Can I please introduce you to Lucy......Lucy's Eastside Diner.

For if you ever find yourself in VanCity at a ridiculously early hour dropping your children off to sail away to camp and need to stay in the general area for a furniture pick up at a more human hour......then you will need breakfast.

If you were to google best breakfast in EastVan you would find most establishments open at 8am or 8:30am by which time your suburban stomach would be nibbling on you liver in desperate need of food.

No problem.....Lucy has you covered.

Lucy's Eastside diner in an unassuming (which is a generous description) block on Main St north of 12th avenue is open 24 hours.

It's a little grubby (when do you clean the floors when you are open 24 hours a day?) and being that its open very late and very early it has the requisite odd balls on the loose.

Odder than us early morning boat people.

There was Monty - a construction hat revealed his name, the duffle bags revealed his journey, his frequent cigarettes and 2 vanilla milkshakes revealed his lifestyle and his ridiculous flirtation and wild promises of wealth and fortune to the waitress revealed his character.  We avoided eye contact as it was clear he needed some help and was willing to talk to whomever.

Like the cabbie who parked out front and with rotund frame wandered in and asked if they served breakfast ..... Monty saw him coming and before the over easy eggs and crisp bacon where at his table he had already made two calls to dispatch for Monty.....

Monty who asked the waitress if New Westminster was in Vancouver to which she answered vaguely and with little concern " I think so" (it's not just FYI) ....she.... all clad in black and lace and boots with black hair swept messily up, pale faced, revealed she was a starving artist but that she was "down with that".....maybe she was or maybe she had come up with a story to get Monty and his promise of $70k a year job off her back.....Monty who borrowed the starving artist/waitresses phone so he could make a call.

As we watched these vignettes of other lives play out we looked through the eclectic menu.

They had me at "bottomless hashbrowns". And, of course I only ate what came on my plate!

I had read that the food was great but not exactly healthy but when ones eyes are having a hard time getting opposite the holes one wants ones coffee hot and strong, ones eggs scrambled and bottomless hashbrowns.

To our delight the food was fantastic.  Allan had the smoked salmon benny which he loved - fresh, great hollandaise.....and I had Lucy's scramble - a delicious mix of mushrooms, bacon, onions, cream cheese and eggs....with sourdough....SO GOOD!

So do not stumble around Vancouver on dark early mornings searching for food.

Go to Lucy's Eastside Diner.  Heck go even if you are not hungry - get a milkshake and watch life unfold for a bit.

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