Sunday, August 25, 2013


Have you ever watched those hurdles races at an athletic meet......when a hurdler missteps and then starts to hit the hurdles instead of clearing gets ugly, disjointed, inelegant.....its almost impossible to regain your rhythm and get back over those hurdles.

In this race to open our new facility there have been many many hurdles.  

We have switched locations, changed building types and sizes, gone through project managers, real estate contacts, had several communication break downs, too many cost over runs...... not to mention the building burned down 3 years ago and we had to start over.

But through it all, I have managed to skim the top of the hurdles and make it over.....sometimes my toes tapped the top and the hurdle wobbled but it stayed up....

Of course by this point in the race I am pretty darn tired.......there has been a lot of heavy lifting literally as well as lots of background work, human resources, managing budgets when something that was supposed to be a mere formality became not just a minor hurdle but a veritable brick wall that even my trusty pole vault doesn't seem up to clearing......well.....I felt the stumble starting......I changed the pace, tried to outrun it..... close to the finish line it just so totally sucks to have a hurdle that is so significant and could cause a major derailment...... in my best moments I believe someone will break down that wall, reset the lower hurdle I was ready to leap, that exemptions will be made, a huge bureaucracy will be nimble and flexible and fast......that on Thursday at 11am I will have a license to operate as I expected to....

In my less optimistic and more fatigued moments I....... well.......I frankly don't like to think about it.  But if I do then I feel my stomach drop, my heart beat faster and the sweat break on my brow....just like those falling hurdlers must feel......

I keep running......hard.....head up.....knowing there are more hurdles ahead but believing that once this one big one is done the finish line will rise into view and that final burst of energy will be found and the tape will be breasted with joy....... tired joy.

Tomorrow I have the immense privilege of welcoming the new staff team into their new space.  I spent the day there setting it all up to make sure the welcome is warm and invigorating and not overwhelming.  I want them to feel energized, integrated and committed.  I look forward to seeing their teams come together and start the work.  I am so appreciative of their desire to embark on this journey with us.  I am ever grateful for the my trusty 2IC Jennifer who is limping along beside me also desperately searching for the finish line....she has done an amazing job.

Its a big week..... a BIG WEEK........ I am excited for that moment when we gather tomorrow and celebrate the race so far, the hurdles already week the children and families will walk through the doors - WHAT a moment that will be....... 

Stay tuned for Thursday......that is the final hurdle......wish us luck!  

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