Sunday, August 11, 2013

48 hours

It's just totally incredible to me how unpredictable life can be.

And so totally unsettling.

Especially for a planner such as I am.

This weekend was supposed to go like this:

Friday: Work, Pedicure, Date Night.
Saturday: Workout, Get kids from camp boat, laundry, Family dinner with my parents
Sunday: Church, laundry, write a report for work, laundry, family time

As many of you will already know that unraveled in a fairly significant way.

I knew we were in trouble when the call display showed the name of the Director of the camp my kids were at.  I actually said "This is not good" before I answered.

And it was not.

Long story short:  Banana boat being towed by ski boat flips.  One boys head collides with another ones back.  Suspected neck injury sets emergency response in action in the ocean - back board, boat trip, ambulance, x-rays, CT scan.

The boy on the spine board was my son.

Allan and I grabbed care card and some clothes for David (but no shoes!) and headed for Lions Gate Hospital over an hour away through downtown Vancouver, in rush hour, on a summer Friday.

Allan drove.  I cried.  I called my parents.  I texted an army of people to pray.  I cried a bit more.

We got to the hospital a few minutes after the ambulance and I hardly recognized David all strapped up.  But I have never been happier to see him.  Especially to see his fingers and toes move.  It makes me cry now just to recall that moment.

I think we felt pretty positive from when we saw him although the medical staff were super serious about it all.  X-ray showed some concern so they called for a CT.  After 5 hours strapped to the board and in a neck brace, even this brave boy who tried to be so positive, started to fall apart a bit as his back went into spasms.  He toughed it out and eventually we got the all clear to take him home.  He is still stiff and sore - maybe as much today as when it happened but he is managing well.

Weak kneed with relief........ adrenaline gone.....completely and utterly emotionally spent.

As if that was not enough of an event...... enough overwhelming for one weekend.....I have continued to be overwhelmed by the love and concern of SO many people.  People who don't pray, prayed. People we haven't see in months or years wrote messages.

At the boat the next day - where we went to pick up Lindsay and all David's stuff (as he left in only his swim suit!) I think every one of the 167 people getting off that boat hugged him!  Especially the little children he had been babysitting all week - they threw their little arms around him - I teared up just seeing it.  Strangers come up to me.... "Are you David's Mom?  How are you? We felt so bad for you getting that news.  We prayed for you".... humbled and thankful.

We spoke with the Doctor from camp and the Director - tried to express how grateful we were to them and their teams for such incredible care and good decision making.  Its no small thing to send your children off to trust others to care as you would......and they did.

The love was amazing.

So lovely to have our girl home too.....super tired but happy.  She saw the whole accident and had to watch from the bank above the dock as they worked on her brother.  She was scared but brave.

And so the messages and love have kept on coming.  The pies and cupcakes too.

How loved we are.  How wide is our circle.  How amazing is prayer.

No one wants to get that call we got.
Or live through that hour and a half of not knowing what direction your life may be headed.  I have banned my children from ever getting on that Banana boat again (Lindsay got a black eye on it 6 years ago).

But the big hug we got from our community...... that was an amazing outcome of a very scary moment and serves to remind me that we are so very blessed.  And to be mindful that community is a growing, dynamic thing and I must play my part in nurturing and sustaining it.

If you touched our lives since Friday at 5pm with love - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I send you a virtual hug.

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  1. Oh Nicky!! Yikes. Please give David a hug from us. So glad he is okay.