Monday, April 24, 2017


"Mom I need your credit card please"

...a not often heard but not completely unfamiliar request. 

I trust my kids and I usually had it over readily.  For concert tickets, camp registration, online donations etc. 

But I handed it over with a heart-tugging mixture of emotion to Mr David last night.

He needed it to apply for housing at University. 

After a fairly torturous few weeks of weighing options he was 'lucky" to have - he, and we, came to  the same conclusion based on a host of factors and many prayers.  

Our David will be heading to the University of British Columbia -  but at it's Kelowna campus - a 4 hour drive over the mountains to the east of Vancouver.  

Just to remind you our daughter is a 4 hour drive-ferry-drive to the west of us. 

We are very proud of them both and they will be both be getting a first class education at amazing universities but, as is now apparent, neither will be home in the Fall.  

In fact they will only briefly be home for 5 weeks in May/June before David heads to Kelowna to his summer job and then on to University in late August.

I am off on Thursday to move Lindsay out of her apartment and into a rented storage locker (not Lindsay but her stuff) until she secures new housing for her 3rd year - hopefully with a friend or two.  

And so this curious journey of mothering older teens continues - Lindsay turns 20 in May.... How in the actual heck did that happen?  

I am at once so proud of them as they grow into smart, caring adults and wishing they weren't going away so soon.  That whole "roots and wings" saying sounds so lovely until they start to use the wings and fly!!

David will transfer back to Vancouver UBC in his 3rd year if all goes to plan but who really knows what the future holds for them or us. 

So Allan and I face a new kind of Fall.  A new way of being in our house.  I'm finding myself a bit nostalgic about when they were little, all the great vacations we've had, the fun family adventures.  I am sure there are more to come (all fingers and toes crossed) but we are in new territory now.

Such cuties 

A Portland moment - one of many

My achy heart is happy, proud but achy, excited but achy.... I think that's pretty much as it is for mothering at this stage.  

I'm ok. They will be ok.  We are ok.  

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