Saturday, October 1, 2016


My little island home - Richmond is home to a huge harvest!  One I have never actually seen midst harvest.

For a week or so I have had it on my mind to google when the harvest is and where to see it.

But life...

And today I had a long TO DO list.

First up was ordering the anti-biotic free happy happy turkey for Thanksgiving so I headed towards the farm store.  I wondered if I might spot a field being harvested, even wondered if I could afford the time to search for one on my way to the City. 

And the, just before the turkey farm, VOILA, cranberry harvest underway.

I was more than delighted and I spent quite a while watching the process and watching the farm kids play in the water and millions of cranberry's.  

I let our Community of Richmond FB know where to find this and was delighted that almost 100 people were interested and many caught the harvest themselves today.  

It was super cool to watch and I am so happy I finally saw it!

A Cranberry Bog before it is flooded
The field is flooded and the cranberries float up and are "captured" by booms

Workers in waders drag the berries toward the intake which washes them and puts them in the containers

Farm kids having some harvest fun


Here's the official story!

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., a Grower-Owned cooperative officially kicked off the iconic cranberry harvest this week in British Columbia. Over the next six to eight weeks more than 80 farm families will harvest about one million barrels of cranberries, up slightly over last year's crop of about 990,000 barrels. A barrel is the standard measure for cranberries and is equal to 100lbs or 45Kg. Most of the province's cranberries go into Ocean Spray® products, which are sold in more than 100 countries.

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