Monday, July 4, 2016

The story of summer 2016 - Chapter 1


It's me.

I've missed you but I have been languishing in the land of " I have nothing to say" or rather "I have nothing worthy or noteworthy to say".

Every summer has a story and this summer of mine is a bit "lite" on story line.

No big plans, trips, renovations...

It's an odd summer - a summer of being a three-wheeled family - a summer of studies and a whole heap of working (mostly to pay for all the learning and learners I am surrounded by!).

And so I thought - meh - who wants to hear about that.

But in a curious way this lack of summer activity has me quite wrapped up in thinking and contemplating.  

It's funny how the absence of TO DO lists and itineraries and online bookings can create a space both in time and in my head.

Those of you who know me well know my internal head space is not quiet and so in a paradoxical way I find my head super busy even as I have less to do.

And that brings me here, where words need to find the page and dislodge themselves from my head.  

My summer story may be dull but many would choose it over their own and I am mindful of that.  

I'm contemplative about what I might do with the time and space and I am the tiniest bit worried that the answer will not be found in action and activities of which I am so fond but, just maybe, in a quieter time, a space to sort out some things that I have conveniently ignored (like facing the Brene Brown course!)

And so I am gate keeping the never ending work (she says having worked all long weekend) and just wondering what may be revealed if I make even the tiniest bit of space.

I'm cautiously curious and, if I am honest, there are a few things I already know I need to take care of. 

Like find a new Dr.  UGH.  Help me someone.  I need a female Dr who will listen to me.  I miss my beloved Dr Joy so much it hurts.

So my summer of space starts here, now, with a commitment to doing something about my physical health (I'm fine btw - no worries - just tired of not having a primary physician who doesn't listen or even seem to care and a bit skeptical of his assessment lately).

Let's see if the story of "summer lite" can deliver a twist in the tale. 

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