Thursday, July 7, 2016


The Dixie Chicks were part of the very eclectic sound track of the many road trips we took when our kids were little.  As new immigrants we eagerly explored this land and, in retrospect, were pretty fearless about taking the little people on big car journeys.

And we love music.  

We would all bring along our favourite CD's and we'd draw lots for the order we'd get to play them in.

We would veer from Queen to Crazy Frog to Tracey Chapman to John Denver and Charlotte Diamond.

And the Dixie Chicks.  

A clear favourite for the bouncy melodies and the clarity of the lyrics.

At some point an inquisitive mind in the back seat had a question about Earl. 

Because, as you may know, "Earl had to die".  

In a moment of parenting genius he will never live down Allan decided that at their tender age revealing that Earl was an abusive husband murdered by his wife and her best friend was not happening and so - for reasons we cannot fathom but remain in awe of - he said "Earl was a goldfish".  

And that ended the conversation - the children already fairly well acquainted with dead pet fish in our house - accepted the statement without ado.

And as these things happen - we forgot to reveal the truth when they were "old enough" and it wasn't until a scowling pre-teen stood looking at us one day declaring  "Hey - Earl was not a fish Dad" that the lie was revealed, to much hilarity on our parental part.  It took some time for the children to forgive us.

There was no doubt when the Chicks announced a Vancouver stop on this tour that we had to be there - a family memory-making trip to sing along and relive some old times.

Until David decamped (ha ha) to Kelowna. 

So we elected an honorary Byres to fill his spot and our boots and blue jeans are on and we are ready.

Lindsay is wearing a shirt that says - "My parents told me Earl was a fish" - or she would be if I had thought of that in enough time to get one made but alas.....

We'll be singing "Earl had to die " tonight with big smiles on our faces as the Chicks rock the arena.  (and missing our Mr D for sure!)

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