Monday, November 10, 2014

Yes indeed.......

Well I should have written a grant but the sun was shining and it seems to be the last warm sunny day for the rest of the week (there has been a cold weather advisory issued)...... So after a little lie in listening to the CBC (yes....I still listen despite the current fiasco).... I donned my walking shoes, mittens and sunglasses and headed out.

I had heard an item on the radio about "social isolation" in Vancouver and surrounds and how lonely people feel...... so I determined I would hail every person I saw with a heart "Good Morning" or "Hello" and a big smile.  Mostly I was met with cheery replies and smiles.... felt good.

I started with a quick errand and then headed to a coffee shop for a delicious coffee and a decadent chocolate croissant......sitting with a good people watching vantage....sipping and munching and feeling warm and toasty.....I think I could have had a nap but I was itching to get outside into the fresh air and take some photos.

What a glorious day it was....the ol' iPhone was getting sun flares galore but I didn't care.....the sun was warm on my skin......and I was happily wandering through my village, along my river, a photo project in mind......I saw a few people I knew, had some little chats..... found some usually closed gates on the harbour open and snuck in close to the big boats..... watched the fishermen bundling up their nets , the season over, all the boats docked and being cleaned.

I did a good walk around Garry Point and home along the dyke....snow geese, a heron, lots of starlings, a hawk or two, snow dusted on the far mountains......

A thoroughly delightful 3 hours of recreation and restoration.

This afternoon was consumed with David's annual eye exam at Children's Hospital which is always a trial of long waits in a crowded kid filled waiting room... today an extra long wait but finally we see the Resident, the eyes are dilated, we have our traditional Starbucks and split an oat fudge bar and then back to see the Ophthalmologist, our beloved Dr. Lyons...... 12 years we have been seeing him.  A careful check today as David's vision is down a bit in his "bad" eye.....and also the revelation that David's vision issues are very rare.  New glasses prescribed and an appointment made for a year from now.  As always I feel lucky we get to see this great Dr at this amazing hospital and that in the grand scheme, though rare, David's vision can be and is corrected by glasses!

I am feeling mellow tonight knowing tomorrow is another day off....a day to Remember..... David will be writing the blog tomorrow with his reflections of having just been to Normandy and Omaha and Juno beaches and stood in those vast cemeteries..... his thoughts and photos.

Wordless Wednesday will be a study on boats from today.......

Off to make sure the winter woolies are pulled out as I may just get up with my Fisherman at 5:30am and go watch sunrise somewhere...... or then again....I may just snuggle right down again and doze.

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