Sunday, November 9, 2014

Work, work......good work

Work was crazy this week......dealing with all the fall out from the events of my "shamcation" week, emerging issues, a large conference in the final week of registering and preparing to do a workshop at that same conference......

And in the middle of the week a very important staff meeting with ALL my staff.

A milestone moment...... and how delightful it was...... how very proud I was of these women who are so committed to their their own professionalism and to the families and children they work with.

The story is here Communities of Practice

And then my colleague Jenn and I presented on our work at the conference yesterday and it went so well.

Perspective is a gift....... despite all the cr*p that so often lands on my desk, or in my inbox, the number of times I get thrown a curve ball or get knocked down...... don't compare to the moments I see the WORK we do triumph.  

Progress is slow.

But it is STILL progress.

It's a journey of a hundred setbacks but we choose to continue moving forward and the investment of time and effort in people is SO worth it.

The other stuff will likely continue this week but I will hold in my heart the knowledge that we are headed in the right direction.

 "May the work we do, make the world we live in, a little more worthy of our children" (Tom Hunter)

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