Friday, September 27, 2013


Well aint that just the way it is ..... you take a couple of "rest: days off and then WHAM back to work and the week runs away with you like a runaway camel that sees an oasis in the distance and cares not what is between it and that sweet water and the rider just has to hold on for dear life......

Just like that......

Me= Rider
Work Week= Camel
Friday night= oasis

(well..... that may just be the most imaginative analogy I have ever come up with and I didn't even have to think twice.....and no I have never ridden a camel.....and no I am not drinking wine!!)

But what struck me as I drove home today after a very full, sometimes fraught, few days was that it was the relationships in my life that sustained me.....the connections along the way that filled up my tank. 

I am so grateful for the people in my life.......who love me and care about me and let me love and care about them.

To be able to talk to people who get you, to be allowed to speak into others lives, to chat about small things and big things, to imagine and dream together, to listen and be listened to, to share stories, to have weighty discussions or just to be quiet together.... this is the richness of life.....of my life.....I want for nothing more than to grow and deepen these relationships in honest, authentic ways that affirm both me and them (you)......

I look back on the week and now I discount the wild camel ride and see the moments of connection that enriched me, made me think, made me feel useful, fulfilled me.

Just feeling thankful for family and friends tonight..... feeling rich in relationships.....and isn't that the best kind of rich?

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