Sunday, September 1, 2013

My son

It is so surprising that today Mr David is 14 years old..... it really does feel liked I just blinked and BAM that tiny, wriggly baby boy is a growing teenage boy.

But what a joy to watch him transition from childhood into young adulthood in his own perfectly David way.

He is such a great example of resiliency....nothing..... not vision issues, not bullying, not being physically small, not being being the youngest in a family of all first borns...... nothing has stopped this boy from finding his place in the world and a huge circle of friends.... young and old..... who love him.

Such a good lesson for an over anxious Mom to realise that most often despite our worries our children are going to be ok......we just have to hold on to them and love them (and pray like mad!).

And as is often the case the child schools the parent....... David never gives up.....he is tenacious and soccer he goes for the tackle even if the opponent is towering over him.....he keeps at it.  He learned a new language last year......Mandarin ...... and it was hard.....but he did it.  No matter how much breakfast you give him he will always ask for more....

I have always held the quality of perseverance in high regard and I am so delighted to see it in my son.

David also sees the good in every person, he holds very few prejudices and he loves and empathizes deeply. He doesn't hold much store in being "cool" but rather being "kind".  He knows that people will judge the choices he makes and he is ok with that.  A self-proclaimed "band geek" he lives for the beat of the drums and has been fully enveloped in the community of the band room at school.  As his FB post today reveals he has a very diverse set of friends, at least a couple older girls who "mother" him, a couple boys who "brother" him and many many more from his age to much older who call him friend.

David is hungry for facts and knowledge and I defy you to find a subject on which he does not have an opinion (usually well informed and researched).  His breadth of conversation is sometimes staggering even for a news hound Mama.  It is hard to win an argument with him either because he is right or he will not concede the point until irrefutable evidence is produced to negate his point.  In that regard perseverance can quickly become stubbornness.  He is learning humility somewhere along the way I hope.

My son, you have taught me so much....... and I love who you are and who you are becoming.  Always be true to yourself and be the smart, gentle, funny, loving, curious, persistent person so many people love.

Happy 14th Birthday David Byres!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox to infinity..........

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