Tuesday, January 17, 2017



January 17, 2017 

marks my 17th anniversary of the day I started with the Society of Richmond Children's Centres

Ahhh how I love the symmetry of that..... 17/17/17

Almost like I planned it.

When my colleague pointed out the auspiciousness of today in conversation yesterday (we share the same anniversary date) I hadn't even remembered. 

But through the evening / night I was reflecting on those 17 years.

What a lot has changed.  

How much I have grown and changed.

The people that have come....and gone.

The relationships that have enriched my life. 

The work itself and all it offers and challenges.

And, of course, I wondered for a moment or two if it was wise to have stayed in one job for so long - albeit a job that has itself evolved and changed so much.  Long careers in one place seem a bit of an anomaly these days.  I sometimes wonder at the various paths I could have taken, jobs I turned down....a pension I might have had...Ha!  

And so today dawned with me feeling less celebratory and a bit unsettled.  

Did I make the right choice?  Should I stay?  No good reasons to go but somehow others seem to be changing jobs and trying new things.... maybe I need to be more ambitious, more driven.... and yet I feel fulfilled where I am. 

And then this popped into my inbox this morning.

Ahhhhh perspective. 

I have both creativity and joy in my career and so much more.   

Work is a gift, worthy work with an incredible team is an even greater gift.  To claim creativity and joy as at least weekly parts of my work - pretty darn priceless.

This is right for me.... for now.... for the last 17 years and hopefully a few more.  
So here's to 17/17/17...... no need to change lanes.

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