Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Failing and Winning

People ask how my Brene Brown course on Daring Leadership is going.

It is not. 

I stalled out on Lesson 3 and that was a couple moths ago.

I blame time constraints and shared office space. 

In truth it is because it was hard.

Hard in a therapy-is-hard kind of a way.  Hard-hitting , heart/emotion stuff. Values, priorities, truth, self-worth, shame.... HARD stuff.

So I stopped.  I don't want to do that work right now.  I know it's there, I know I need to pay attention to some of those things. And I might.

However, before you deem me a lost cause, I did complete all the reading.  I do reference the principles espoused quite often.  I think about it a lot. 

And in 3 days, if all goes well, I will have passed the practicum part of the course.

If there was a practicum part.

Because tomorrow - tomorrow starts 3 days for which I "Dared Greatly".  I actually stepped out of my sometimes bewildering head space and DID something to make a HUGE goal of mine happen. 

And Lo - People listened, ideas were endorsed, plans were made and a process has unfolded that has been deeply personally and professionally enriching.  

Tomorrow one of the great thinkers and writers of the Early Childhood Field, a world renowned speaker, a genuine and authentic human and a person I can now call a kindred spirit (and she does the same of me) will arrive in Canada, in little ol' Richmond BC and begin a 3 day event.

I am truly beside myself with excitement (and just a little overwhelmed and exhausted!!).

Tomorrow night she speaks to 200 folks and on Saturday she does an all day event at UBC for 90 Educators but on Friday....on Friday my Dare Greatly moment becomes reality as she spends the day with just my Leadership Team. 8 of us and Ann my house...delving deeply into the work we do and ways to lead it better, more deeply, with more authenticity and congruency. 


Of course at this moment I am frantically cleaning the house, preparing hundreds of details, sending last minute emails to my long-suffering colleagues, learning how to manage a sound system microphone thingy, double-checking multiple lists and I suddenly needed to buy new pants to wear (not really but it seemed important an hour ago when I dashed to the Mall and was smiled upon by the shopping Gods).

So as I sit in a chaotic jumble of stuff and emotions I have proved to myself that I can step into the Arena and "Dare Greatly"  - that I can act and collaborate and make things happen  - that I CAN actually do something GREAT, something that matters greatly to my colleagues and the children and families we work with, something that moves our organisation into a new place - THAT, my friends, is a win despite stalling out on Lesson 3. 

Wish me luck - it's going to be an amazing few days in my world! 

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