Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We are back in the groove of life.

So a busy week led into a busy weekend.  

On Friday night we had a lovely skype with the Hofs in Edmonton.....P2 kept trying to kiss the screen - too sweet..... I can't wait to go and visit them.

Then we walked through yet another foggy evening to the pub and had a meal and a beer with E and F.... so great to chill and chat and laugh (I think some planning about fishing trips may have occurred).....good friends are such a gift.

I taught all day Saturday - 34 students..... mostly happy and engaged and they enjoyed being at our newest centre and seeing what can be done.....I felt proud of the work our staff does.

But a long day on my feet left me feeling beat.  

I was driving home with my head resting on my arm propped on the my surprise the closer I got to home I could see it lay in a thick fog bank although I had been in the sunshine all day.  

I took my usual detour down to the river and I could see the whole sun through the fog, sinking into the was such an awesome sight.  Of course all I had was the trusty iPhone but I stopped a few times and took some mediocre shots but I also just sat for a few minutes and marveled at the unusual sight of fog shrouded sun...

I felt rejuvenated in just a few minutes.... a few minutes of beauty in nature, a gift from the Creator to a tired one.  Blessed.

Allan and David had been to soccer on the North Shore and done some shopping and had a lovely meal was underway.  Our friend DW joined us and it was good to catch up with him over rib eye and a cab sav and a spirited discussion on some foodie topics.  

Lindsay had been at an Asian Cooking Class for much of the day and casually made a starter of tea smoked quail with garlic and green onion and marinated diakon and carrot served on mini Asian pancakes...... incredible..... She is so assured and accomplished in the kitchen.  She can also now make Dad Dan noodles and ramen noodles (Jennifer C....did you hear that!!) which makes me VERY happy.  Thanks EV for being her person at cooking class.

David went off to a party....yes a party......just like that (insert snap of fingers) my children are in a new zone of social interactions.....and I think I am coping very well....thanks for asking!  They are being responsible and having a lot of fun and I am surviving on less sleep again... 

Off to church this morning in pea soup fog..... maybe the most dense its been since back in November.  

This afternoon David and I headed downtown to MissionsFest to help out at my Dad's booth and give my parents a break.  We saw several friends including an old friend of mine I haven't seen since I was here in 1988 - it was a hoot to catch up!

Once we were done David and I were off to find another Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival spot to sample another delectable offering.

We ended up at Leonidas as the sun attempted to break through the fog downtown making for some cool photos.  He had the #33 - "TIGER MILK"  White Belgian chocolate with cardamom, nutmeg and saffron.) and I had the #34 - "NOISETTE" Praline Belgian milk chocolate and they were both fantastic - David's especially so. We may have had a waffle.

I love dates with David - he is so easy to get along with and always up for an  adventure....he has a real zest for life and new experiences.

 We caught the train home where Allan had put the crock pot to good use making ham and split pea soup as well as two other meals for the week and an amazing dinner for tonight....WHAT a guy!  I am one lucky lady!

So now for a delicious meal of lamb and greek potatoes and salad followed by homemade Rustic Pear Pie.....

AND a four day week ahead....... yes.

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